Web Design & Development

A great web design is the best investment one can do for their business

To build a presence on the Internet, we offer a cost-effective web designing solution based on requirement and scalability of the customers’ website.

Connect in Cloud will help you create a website that will be much more than a web page. We offer unique responsive site that will allow you to carry out all the future changes you wish in your business.

Our website development services are simple and fast. This allows us to offer you essential and advanced features at the low price. Your investment will provide excellent websites, as your website will evolve according to your wishes and help you reach your business targets faster than ever.

1. A Bespoke website is the important thing to mark your online visibility

A bespoke website provides your targeted audience with information about your company’s activities, services, or products. This label is opposite to E-commerce sites or online stores that directly generate sales and turnover. Our bespoke websites cater for a range of business sectors, we can develop and design websites for any business, whatever your needs Connect in Cloud will surpass your requirements. Whether you’re a financial corporation, manufacturer or large retail business, Immersive Media can design and build the ultimate bespoke website for your business.

2. WordPress website design

The best ways to draw more traffic to your website is to have great content. An easiest way to add content to your website on a regular basis is using a powerful WordPress content management system. A content managed WordPress website provides the opportunity to regularly add new content, but it can make process to build your business brand, reaching out and interacting with customers easier by utilising the powerful plug-ins and customisable feature available on WordPress architecture.

Why should you have a WordPress website?

The most commonly used platform for creating and editing website on the Internet is WordPress, but if one is not familiar with IT, learning a new content management system could seem a bit tough. Fortunately, our content management systems are extremely simple to use and we can provide expert advice and training on how to use your new content management system. If you don’t have a content managed facility for your website, we can add one for you and show you how to use it to keep your customers informed about your business products or services you sell.

Advantages of using WordPress

  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Manage your website from any computer
  • No HTML editing or FTP software required
  • Search engines love WordPress websites
  • You have total control of your website
  • Website design is 100% customizable
  • Built-in blog ready to go
  • Extend the functionalities of your website with plugins
  • Your website can grow together with your business
  • Multiple users can login simultaneously

3. Responsive website

Every business today wants more qualified website traffic and with more website traffic, there are more opportunities to increase sales. So, with the proliferation of internet-enabled smart phones and tablets that are used by people on-the-go, it makes sense to have a mobile friendly responsive website design to reach the millions of mobile internet users. Mobile and Tablet PC website usage has exploded in the last couple of years and business owners should be planning for how to deal with this trend now.

Why do you require a mobile friendly website

If you are looking to increase your customer base on the web, a responsive website service is a must have. The responsive designs that we create are specifically configured to ensure they are found by potential customers using mobile phones, tablets, and similar technologies.

Did you know that your website gets lower ranking by Google if it’s not Responsive? All websites we build are mobile friendly and optimized to offer the best possible performance in all search engines.

Are you looking for a responsive update?

We offer a complete responsive update service to those customers that wish to retain their existing website design but want to go mobile.

4. Ecommerce website design & online shops

For companies wanting to break into the world of electronic commerce and extend the sales reach of products and services using the net, we can build an ecommerce solution to suit your needs at a cost-effective price. We look at all the phases of the sales cycle, from initial purchase, through the ordering process, delivery to returning feedback from a customer after delivery of the product/service. Full order tracking, checking and accounting systems can also be integrated into the ecommerce solution.

The realization of an e-commerce website implies a thorough strategic thinking to identify all the needs of your business but also to meet the expectations of the future customers of your online store. 

Whatever the type of website you choose, we can integrate e-commerce functionalities such as:

  • Creation of profiles
  • Personalized orders
  • Online purchase of a subscription, a service, or a product

Google Shopping

Google shopping operates differently to eBay and Amazon, it’s a advertising based system. So instead of paying per sale, Google charges you per conversion, in other words, per potential customer that goes to your website. The system is based on a pricing system similar to AdWords, with varying costs promoting different products within the Google shopping area. Google shopping can be a very effective sales tool for your online ecommerce business, driving traffic and increasing product sales.

5. CMS web design

Connect in Cloud is a web design agency based in London one of our most popular website packages that businesses take advantage of is our CMS web design content management solution. CMS or commonly known as a Content Management System allows the business owner or their marketing department to easily edit and regularly update the website via user-friendly interface. This has two major benefits for businesses, firstly it cuts the cost of website support and maintenance that you pay to web design agency to update your website content and secondly you have control over your website and can manage and edit the text, photos and anything else at any time within your website

Advantages of a CMS website

  • It’s easy for the IT unskilled users
  • Saves you time and money
  • SEO optimisation built in
  • It improves site maintenance
  • Design changes are easy to make
  • Manage your own content
  • You, the user have the control

All our website designs includes the following

  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Technical Support
  • A Dedicated Project Manager
  • Content Management System
  • Add Unlimited Pages
  • HTML 5 Mobile & CSS 3 Design
  • Powerful Image Editor
  • SEO, Meta Tags & URL editing
  • Security & Hacker Protection
  • Completely Scalable
  • Animated Images
  • Contact Form
  • Blog or News Area
  • Testimonials Manager
  • Website Optimisation
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Google Analytics
  • Domain Registration
  • Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Meta Tag & ‘On Page’ Optimisation
  • Sitemap Submissions

No matter what your customers are looking for, we have the team to deliver the perfect solution.

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